Helping Churches Through the Growth Process

Many churches in the Northwest are planning for, or are already experiencing tremendous growth. Although this is very exciting, many church leaders find themselves poorly equipped or not prepared with adequate training. The team at TGB is organized to assist church leaders in the growth process by providing seminars, web sites, congregational presentations, and a referral network of various consultants. We believe each church should establish a strategic plan to accommodate both present and future growth. Specifically, TGB addresses the following critical components:

• Establishment of church vision and mission uniquely defined for each congregation
• Development of a site and facility master plan
• Defined financial plan to accommodate enlarged ministry
• Provision of Architectural Design services

Without a plan in place for these areas of ministry, many churches have stifled or limited their growth ability. Over and over again, we see growing churches finding themselves in a period of decline because proper steps of action were not established. They could not adequately house the people due to lack of space, financial resources or lack of ministry potential and direction. Months and years can go by and be lost without a plan of action. It is never too late to start this planning process!

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