The LEAN Design Process

We dive deep into the process flow to understand the current state and contributing factors. There may be something "upstream" or "downstream" that affects your ideal flow that needs attention before a solution to the immediate process flow can be achieved.

A discussion around the process of patient discharge is a good example: The goal - Discharge patients by 1 pm. What's so magical about 1 pm? Why not 12 noon? Why not 2 pm? What does discharge "really" mean - the patient is out of the room so that housekeeping staff can turn-over the room for a new patient? . . . their physician has signed discharge orders? . . . all the activities which support the discharge are completed, such as pharmacy prescription fills, additional tests scheduled, post op visit scheduled? . . . the patient has actually left the building? Until everyone at the discussion table agrees with the definitions, everyone is solving a different problem, either "upstream or downstream" of the current issue. Developing common language for the goal is essential to reach the solution and half of the journey to get there.

The LEAN Management Process
The LEAN Problem Solving Process
The Internal Tgba LEAN Process
Going to the GEMBA
Managing the Process
Community Focus
Client Centered Care
Supporting Economic Success
Healing through Beauty


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