The Internal tgba LEAN Process

What mechanism causes a radical change in the way we see things, the way we do things, and has the potential for dramatic reductions in cost and effort?

For tgba, it is our adoption of LEAN ideology to transform how we deliver design services to our healthcare clients. This transformation is rife with fear - of where this change will take us, of extending our selves beyond our comfort zone, of the tough questions we must ask and answer of ourselves, of who we will become through the journey. The transformation effort is uncomfortable, it is disruptive, but that is the is the nature of change. Yet, we believe there is no better choice but to revolutionize our processes even as our healthcare clients' environment changes. To do nothing leaves us standing still in an era that is moving across our bow like a giant wave. This is why tgba has embraced LEAN values at our core - and continues to evolve in LEAN practice every day.

The LEAN Management Process
The LEAN Design Process
The LEAN Problem Solving Process
Going to the GEMBA
Managing the Process
Community Focus
Client Centered Care
Supporting Economic Success
Healing through Beauty


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