The LEAN Problem Solving Process

We work with our clients to peel away the layers to find the root of the problem. Often the perceived problem isn't the real issue afterall. Try making a problem statement. Most likely it is really a symptom of the real problem. Until we ask how long the situation has gone on, what causes it, and what are the contributors to the cause, the actual problem versus symptoms of the problem cannot be discerned. Noe the statement can be assessed and a possible true condition revealed in order to begin to find a solution.

Sound familiar? You go to the doctor's office. You tell him you have this nagging red spot that itches. Is that a problem statement or a symptom. The doctor will take a history, check your vitals, do a physical exam, then make a diagnosis, then he will determine a course of action.

Creativity is unpredictable and disruptive, but it is also revealing, invigorating, dynamic, and fulfilling. Using the appropriate LEAN tools to help healthcare clients through their LEAN transformation, as well as using these tools to facilitate our own LEAN transformation, distills the fear of the unknown into realistic, tangible, achievable goals.

The LEAN Management Process
The LEAN Design Process
The Internal Tgba LEAN Process
Going to the GEMBA
Managing the Process
Community Focus
Client Centered Care
Supporting Economic Success
Healing through Beauty


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