TGB Architects Mission

TO EMPATHIZE  with our client’s business strategies or ministry goals, so our planning and designing efforts will enhance their definition of success.
TO IMAGINE the most innovative solutions to challenging problems, so the outcome advances our client’s mission and business practice.
TO CULTIVATE an attitude of service and empathy within our staff, so they each may develop the understanding and rapport with our clients,and earn their trust through our integrity and credibility.
TO EMBODY the spirit of a Renaissance Architect, so we listen completely, understand fully, interpret thoroughly, and implement comprehensively a planning and design solution that addresses all the needs of our clients in order to meet their business and operational objectives.
TO ENJOY all people with whom we work and for whom we serve, while providing services well rendered, creating designs well executed, and cultivating friendships along the way that are greatly valued, so our time, energy and effort spent doing what we do well is its own reward.

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